Does Medicare cover plastic surgery

Medicare won’t cover cosmetic procedures but can cover plastic surgery

The short answer is: if you meet certain conditions Medicare and private health funds may cover plastic surgery. The easiest example is breast reduction. While this can be a cosmetic procedure, many women choose to have breast reduction because their over-large breasts are causing back and neck pain as well as posture problems. In this case a breast reduction is more than likely going to improve that client’s physical health, and so may be covered by Medicare.

The difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is elective. Which means you choose to have the surgery for purely aesthetic reasons. Plastic surgery is carried out by a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and is usually for medical purposes. A plastic surgeon can perform cosmetic surgery, but a cosmetic surgeon cannot perform reconstructive surgery to the same level as a specialist.

Medically necessary plastic surgery

If your surgery is considered medically necessary then it is possible you may be eligible for a rebate from either Medicare or a private health fund. The easiest way to find out if your surgery is eligible for a rebate is to contact Medicare. They will let you know what the criteria are, and what paper work you will need to fill out. Breast reduction after mastectomy can also be covered by Medicare.

Which procedures are not covered by Medicare?

Anti-wrinkle injections, breast augmentation (unless it’s part of breast reconstruction), liposuction and facelift are typically not covered by Medicare.

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