Do you have to replace breast implants?

If there are no complications then you shouldn’t need to replace breast implants

This is one of those questions that have many caveats attached to it. You shouldn’t need to replace breast implants if they are good quality, have been placed correctly and you haven’t undergone significant weight loss or weight gain. You shouldn’t need to replace breast implants unless there are complications or you change your mind.

For a time it was recommend that breast implants would only last for 5 to 6 years and then you would need to have them replaced. This was most likely due to the way in which breast implants were made, and possibly how they were placed. Materials used for modern breast implants are safer than ever before, and when placed by a specialist plastic surgeon there are fewer risks.

On average breast implants last between 10 and 20 years. If there are no complications they can last a lifetime. And then there are those times when there are unforseen complications that require implants to be replaced.

When should breast implants be replaced?

Depending on the material used, breast implants shouldn’t expire. They may suffer complications which requires them to be replaced. The most common complications are a ruptured implant or a leaky implant. And while there are (usually) no immediate medical problems with a leaky implant, the obvious cosmetic concerns do require reparative surgery.

How do I know when my breast implants need replacing?

Five signs that your breast implants need replacing are:

  1. Deflated saline implants
  2. Ruptured silicone implants
  3. Capsule contracture
  4. Breasts become deformed or asymmetrical
  5. You want to change the size of your implants

What to do if you’re considering breast revision

If, for whatever reason, you are considering breast revision—visit a specialist plastic surgeon for a consultation. A plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Weymouth has the experience and the skill to ensure your replacement breast implant is as good, if not better than, your previous surgery.

If you would like to know more information, or to book a consultation, please contact us today.